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Our Story

Georgia has a rich history of apparel and textile production dating back to Soviet era. Georgia produced high quality apparel/clothes, silk and wool blend fabrics. After collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia's textile and apparel sector fell on difficult economic period.


The sector re-emerged in 2000s after Materia Holding began refurbishing old factoreis and engaging in cut. make. trip activities for the local and export markets.

At present, Georgian apparel sector is characterized with a whole range of benefits, such as monetarily sound workforce low utility cots, free trade agreements and proximity to large export markets including EU, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine , Belarus Kazakhstan etc. 

Fashion and Function

In addition to the substantial production, the company has two successful high-end fashion brands “Materiel” and “Dots”. Along with designing top-quality products, the company also specializes in sample making, pattern making, grading, marking, cutting, sewing, embroidering and fabric sourcing.


Factory Details

Key Data

Registration: 2005
No. of employees: 356

Company Objectives    

Maintain and improve strong brand image Focus on foreign markets.

Main Products and Data

Fashion and contemporary man

and woman upper wear

Major Markets

Sales markets: Georgia, Russia, Armenia, USA, Italy, Kuwait, Belarus, Ukraine. Two ecommerce platforms (; with worldwide delivery.

Supply of fabrics and accessories: Turkey, China.

Production in 2016

Uniforms                                                       180 000 pcs.
Materia Sport                                                    6 300 pcs.
Fashion and contemporary
man and woman upper wear                    
14 400 pcs.

Min. or der                                                        Max. order

Tops - 1 000 pcs.                                          30 000 pcs.
Shirts/Pants - 500 pcs.                              25 000  pcs.
Skirts - 500 pcs.                                           40 000 pcs.
Blazers/coats - 300 pcs.                               8 000 pcs.
Jackets - 300 pcs.                                        
10 000 pcs.
Dresses – 500 pcs.                                       25 000 pcs.

Additional Services 

Logo labels & care labels 
Digital printing 
Screen Printing

Certificates and Planned Certifications

Registration: 2005
No. of employees: 356

Registration: 2005
No. of employees: 356

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